Why does aluminum alloy die casting have natural corrosion resistance?

Publish Time: 2024-01-08
Aluminum alloy die casting usually has better corrosion resistance, which is mainly due to the properties of the aluminum alloy itself and the measures taken during the manufacturing process.
Aluminum alloy's natural corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy has excellent natural corrosion resistance. This is because the aluminum alloy surface reacts with oxygen in the air to form a natural protective film (oxide layer), which can effectively prevent oxidation, corrosion and pollution.
Adding alloy elements: When manufacturing Aluminum alloy die casting, other metal elements are usually added, such as copper, zinc, magnesium, silicon, zirconium, etc., to improve its performance. Among them, some alloy elements can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys. .
Surface treatment: The surface of Aluminum alloy die casting can increase its corrosion resistance through a series of surface treatment processes, such as anodizing, chemical chromium plating, electroplating, spraying, etc. These treatments can form a thicker and more stable protective layer, reducing its corrosion rate in harsh environments.
It should be noted that Aluminum alloy die casting cannot completely avoid corrosion problems in certain special application environments, such as long-term exposure to high salinity, high acidity, high alkalinity, high temperature, etc. Therefore, in a specific use environment, it is necessary to select appropriate anti-corrosion measures based on the material, use method, external environment and other factors of Aluminum alloy die casting to ensure its long-term use effect.

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